Friday, January 14, 2011

Doing Dishes

After the dishwasher is done washing and drying I open the door and pull out the racks so the plastic stuff can finish drying before I put it all away.  I've learned, the hard way, that I have to put away the classes and knives right away and then leave the rest to dry.
If the dishwasher is open, Addyson is working!  She loves to put away dishes!  She use to hand me the plates and bowls one by one and stack them and then I would put them away.
Then I would have her stand on her step stool and help me put away all of the kid's cups and bowls.
Now she has graduated herself to putting away the silverware.  She took her step stool over to the drawer, went back to the dishwasher to get a hand full of forks and spoons, climbed on top of the step, and went to work putting it all away.
I tried to help and sort the items as needed and she told me, "NO. I do!"
And she did!
Guess it doesn't really matter if the spoons and forks are in the right place, does it?  She was so proud of herself and that's what matters!  Think it is time to start assigning chores???

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