Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fayetteville Christmas

Today we celebrated, what I think will be, our last Christmas celebration of this season.  I think this makes day 6 of opening gifts throughout the holidays.  I hope the kids are not getting use to this! : ) 
All of the gifts were set out and the kids could hardly stand it.  It was cute to watch them sitting there, eying all the gifts, picking them up, and trying to open them before we were ready.
When it was finally time, they were READY to dig in and start unwrapping!!!
Since there are so many of us, we all draw names.  The adults are in one group and the kids are in another.  We keep it a secret for everyone and it is always exciting to see who had your name and what they got you!  This Christmas, as our family continues to grow, made me wonder how long do the adults keep buying gifts for eachother.  Every year I try to plan ahead and keep Christmas within a budget and then every year Christmas gets bigger than the previous year.  I'd be anxious to hear with others, especially those with bigger families, do when it comes to gift giving!
Addyson drew Owen's name and she got him a fish (another Beta fish to replace Four who mommy didn't do such a good job of taking care of). I think this was his favorite gift all Christmas!!!  He was SO excited and kept showing his red Razorback fish he named Boss Hog to everyone.  He couldn't wait to go home and set up his fish tank!  We asked him if he wanted to go by Target to get dinosaurs (this is what we are bribing him with for keeping his diaper dry at night) and he told us "no" and that we needed to go home to take his fish home.  He also reminded Brad that he needed to drive slow so the water wouldn't spill.
So, on Owen's cue, after all of the fun was over, we got ready to go home.  The kids put on their new jackets from Nammie and we headed out!  What a great afternoon with all of our family!  It is a bit rare that we all get together so this was a special treat before Aric and Emily head back to Vandy for school.
What a good looking family!

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