Sunday, January 30, 2011

Olivia's Baptism

Our main reason for going to Evansville, IN this weekend was to meet baby Olivia and attend her baptism.  It was nice that Wendy and Andy planned it so soon after her birth so we got to see her as a baby!!!  I hate to miss that baby stage and babies outgrow it SO quickly!
Andy comes from a BIG family and I think most of them live there in Evansville or near by.  There were about 40 of them in attendance at the baptism!  The priest is his uncle that also married Wendy and Andy!  How cool is that!
Maria, Andy's sister, was the Godmother and Brad was the Godfather!
I loved watching Andy during the baptism.  He just kept looking over at Olivia and a HUGE grin would over take his face!  SO sweet!  This is the baby they had been hoping for for over 3 years and I'm so thankful that she is finally here and a part of our lives and now she is a member of our church!
Here is the Brewster family with parents, siblings, and even Grandma!!!  First time we have all been together since Wendy and Andy's wedding about 4 years ago!  I hope it isn't another 4 years until we see them all again!

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