Monday, January 3, 2011

Our Trip Home

So today was our LONG journey home!  We thought we had great flights since our first flight didn't leave until 11:30 HOWEVER, Brad warned us to get there really early because he got there an hour and a half early and almost  missed his flight.  YIKES!
We got there almost 3 hours early and while I was frustrated as we were pulling up to be there SO early and have ALL that time to waste with 2 kids, that frustration subsided when I rounded the corner of customs (after already skipping ahead in one line thanks to the lady that was managing the line) and saw this HUGE line of people!  And this was to just clear customs.  We still had to go through security after then and then take the LONG walk to our gate.  I would have been freaking out but I knew we had almost TWO hours to clear it all so we just enjoyed people watching and watching other people freaking out as they were about to miss their plane.  Let me just say, it took 40 minutes to get to the customs guard from this spot!  And thankfully there were no potty incidences half way through like last time!!!
We made it through security and turns out I was one "randomly" selected to have the full pat down.  Ugh!  I think if you are traveling alone with young kids you should get a free pass.  You have to stand there and not make any suspicious moves while trying to keep your 2 toddlers close who are more interested in walking down the long hallway without you and people watching.  And I'm not super modest but I was a bit uncomfortable with having a stranger feel under my breasts, between my legs, and all over.  I know it is for security BUT really?!?!  Any one else have to deal with this?  Again, glad we had the extra time! 
Once we walk the long walk to our gate we had about an hour to kill.  Did you know that waving to strangers and seeing if they would wave back makes for tons of entertainment for little kids and probably brightens a strangers day?  I've finally realized that there is no need to pack a HUGE bag of toys to lug around the airport.  People watching provides for tons of entertainment!
And the kindness of strangers still amazes me.  There are many people who still have kindness in their heart, are willing to help, and want to interact with young kids.  Don't get me wrong, I've seen my fair share of strangers who will turn a blind eye to a struggling momma or those that give the stink eye to the least bit of noise coming from a kid but, I have to say for the most part, people are good!  I sat at the coffee shop and let the kids play and the workers really took to the kids.  The one took the kids to go look at the airplane.  Really sweet!
Again, here is more proof that toys are not needed.  You can peel the stickers off of things and stick them to your face for entertainment!
Or you can ask your mom to take pictures of you, pose, and then check out the picture afterward.  Just make sure your mom remembers to double check that the camera and phone are back in the bag before you board or exit the plane!  I've been lucky for the most part to remember things before the plane takes off (cups and camera chargers) and have been able to go back to get them.  However, I didn't remember my new iPhone 4 this trip so it is somewhere in New Jersey with all of my pictures of videos?  I think that's what I'm most bummed about.  So, here is a friendly reminder to all, take an extra minute to double check that you have EVERYTHING especially your kids before heading to your next destination!
To help me streamline, I packed all "loose" unneeded things in a suitcase so I didn't have to worry about them.  This meant that Owen had no coat to wear as we went outside to board the plane to leave Canada.  No worries, mom had hers and I think it worked!  Good bye cold Canada!  Here we come Arkansas!

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