Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pizza Making

This morning we got to go see how pizzas are made and we even got to make our own pizza at Eureka Pizza with the MOMS Club!  This totally made for a busy day for us but I knew it would be a fun activity and it helped me stick with my plan of doing activities with the kids during the week before I go to school in the afternoon.  So our morning went something like this wake up, pack, run out the door to make pizza, run the kids home to eat their pizza, I run out the door to go to school, Brad works from home while Ashley takes care of the kids, Brad packs up the car, they pick me up from school, and we leave about 4pm to head to St. Louis where we spend the night tonight and head to Evansville, IN tomorrow to meet our new niece Olivia.  Busy morning???  I'd say so!
Busy but well worth it!!!  Shag, the manager at Eureka Pizza, was so great with the kids!  He took the time to show us how the dough was made, pressed out, and then tossed into a big pizza crust!  The kids really liked watching his toss this pizza as big as he could!
After all of the tossing, each kid go to go up and pick the topping of their choice and help Shag put it on their pizza.
After it was topped with cheese, they could walk the pizza over and put it in the big oven to cook!
I had planned on our family just making one pizza so I was trying to figure out how we could include both kids.  My problem was solved with Shag said that each kid could make a pizza!  How generous of Eureka!  Thank you for that!
Addyson didn't skip a beat taking her pizza over to the big over like the other kids did.  I had to quickly catch up with her to help her put it in the over before either the pizza fell or she ended up touching the hot oven.  Luckily she didn't object too much!
While we were waiting for the pizzas to come out, we got to take a peak inside the ovens to see them cooking!  That was really neat for the kids to see since it was about perfect eye height for them to peak in!
It was cute to see the kids huddle at the end of the oven line with their friends Ian and Janie and eagerly wait for their pizza to come out!
Shag quickly cut the pizza into 8 pieces, slid it into a box, and handed it off to the rightful pizza owner!  Owen was so proud to get his pizza he made!
Here are some of the kids from our pizza outing!  Thanks MOMS Club for another fun event!
Say "Cheese!!!"

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