Sunday, January 16, 2011

Puzzle Time

 Addyson loves puzzles.  She can sit down and quickly put one together.
I'm amazed as I sit and watch her put it together one piece at a time, twisting and turning the piece until it fits.
 Once the puzzle is put together, she dumps it out
 and puts it together again.  She can do this over and over again.
As a toddler, Owen wasn't a huge fan of puzzles.  I wasn't sure if it was his age, gender, or lack of interest in doing "quiet" activities!  He liked to spend most of his time bouncing and throwing balls!  So when Owen sat down next to Addyson and quickly put this puzzle together, I was impressed.  I know I really shouldn't have been.  He is WAY advanced for this simple puzzle but I've never really seen him finish a puzzle.  I think plays with puzzles a lot at school so maybe he is starting to like them.  That or he wanted me to make as much of a fuss over him as I was over Addyson! : )  Oh, don't mind his outfit.  This was his outfit change for the morning!
When Owen was done with this puzzle, Addyson went over and started working on it.  This one doesn't have the pictures on the board to match the pieces up to but that didn't seem to slow her down!  She is our little puzzle pro!

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