Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spring Semester Starts

Today marks the start of my Spring 2011 Semester!  I went and was actually excited about it!  Given how I felt at the end of last semester and my LONG Christmas break with my kids, I wasn't sure how I would feel walking up to campus the first day.  I was pleasantly surprised at how excited I was and how good it felt to sit at my desk in my office, talk to the other students, and go to class! I think part of what helped was I got to spend the morning with the kids.  Since my first class doesn't start until 12:30 we have time to do a morning activity!  Owen has been asking to go to the library so I was so excited I could finally take him!  Spending the morning with the kids put an extra kick in my step!
 So, at the end of this successful day I can actually see myself finishing this PhD program.  SO, at the end of this semester, when the heat is on and it is completely crazy here and I want to quit, remind me to go back and read this post!  I CAN do this! There will be crazy moments but they will pass!  The good way out weighs the bad!  Here's to a great Spring 2011 Semester!

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