Saturday, January 15, 2011

Story Time

Taking care of babies is one of Addyson's favorite things to do!  I guess it is a good thing she got 6 of them for Christmas!  She takes her baby into the room, turns on the sound machine (something I do before nap time and bed time), if I am there she asks me to turn on the heater (something else I do before she goes to bed).
Then she climbs up in the car and starts rocking.  She says "rock, rock" as they go back and forth.  Here she is trying to put baby's hat on.  Actually I'm surprised this baby has all of her clothes on.  For some reason, Bubba likes to take off all of the clothes on most of her dolls.
After the mood is set, hat is on, and the rocking has begun, it is time to start reading!  It is so cute to watch her read to her little baby.  She'll spend 30 minutes or more in there taking care of her baby and reading to her. If I go to check on her (or peak in to take a video), she reminds me to shut the door when I leave. : )
I'm still amazed at how little girls have that nurturing ability drive to take care of others almost from the minute they are born.  She'll have lots of practice in when it is time for her to be a big sister or mommy!!!

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