Wednesday, February 9, 2011

24 inches and counting

We heard a snow storm was headed our way and thankfully the snow storm started in Oklahoma City where Brad was teaching a workshop.  Why I am thankful for that?  Because the clients told Brad to wrap up early so everyone could head home before the storm hit!  That meant Brad came home last night instead of today as planned!!!! 
That meant Brad was able to be snowed in with us!!!  And while the weatherman isn't always right... this time he was!!!  We woke up to this.  Over 12 inches and it was still coming down strong!  We had no idea what we were in for!  They had predicted 6-10 inches and we had already surpassed that!!!
 "Addyson, Addyson what do you see???"
 "I see a winter wonderland, that's what I see!!!"
 The snow just kept coming.  At this point, there is no place for the dogs to go potty in our backyard.  The snow came all the way up to our door step.  The best solution I could find was to let them out front where there was a tiny bit of ground to be seen.  With all of the snow blowing in, they weren't a huge fan.  Especially old man Sam who is now 16.5 years old and has no meat on his bones to keep him warm!
 After nap, the snow finally let up.  The true test to see how deep it was... stick Addyson in the middle of it and see where it comes up to her.  She didn't think this was a fun way to measure.  But, as you can see, at this spot it came up to her waist!
 Owen is a fan of rolling around in the snow...
 until the snow is SO deep it completely covers you and goes down your jacket when you lay in it.
 The parents even got in on the fun!!!  It is a bit hard to make a snow angle with snow this deep however, it does make for a comfy resting spot!
 One thing we like to take advantage of when it snows is sliding down the slide!!!  "Wee!!!"  Who needs a sled when you can slide into a big snow pile right in your backyard???  No big hill to climb up either to do it all over again!
 One more time to take a measurement.... this time it comes up to her chest.  She REALLY wasn't a fan of this one.  I think it is safe to say we got over 24 inches this snow storm!!!  I don't think Fayetteville has ever seen a snow like this!
 This little bit of snow we got didn't keep Brad from grilling!!!  This guy grills rain or shine and now apparently in snow up to his thighs!  Owen didn't want to be left out so he cooked us some yummy hot dogs to go with Brad's chicken breast!
 It was getting a bit chilly for Addyson and she was getting a bit feisty.  She only wanted to stay outside if she could hold Skip.  Sorry Skip, I had to do it!  Made her a happy girl!
 And then poor Skip got to see how deep the snow really was.  Poor guy could barely get out of all that mess.  He quickly went inside and snuggled up in a nice, warm blanket!
 I think our kids thought it was just a normal, summer day.  After playing on the slide, we went over to swing.  She could barely swing because the snow was keeping her feet from being able to swing back and forth.
It was much easier to swing with Bubba pushing her in the baby swing which was a bit higher!  After this, Owen asked if we could eat supper outside.  Like I said, just a normal sunny day at the Brewster House!

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