Saturday, February 19, 2011

9 Weeks

9 Weeks
Size of Baby Brewster: looks like a baby now and is officially a fetus and is the size of an olive!

Biggest Challenges: The nausea is still so bad.  And the exhaustion is starting to take its toll. I am now having a hard time sleeping.  I can fall asleep but when I wake up at 3 to go to the bathroom I am up for the rest of the day.  Ugh!  If I am lucky I fall asleep about 6:45, just in time to wake up at 7 with the kids.

Cravings:  I am loving anything veggie.  Chips and cheese dip are a yummy treat!

Aversions: I am turned off by meat right now.  I go through this with all of my pregnancies so I knew this one was coming.

Gender:  Based on what Owen said last week, I am leaning towards a boy.

Movement:  I can't feel movement but I bet that little baby is very active!

Sleep: I am getting up once or twice a night to go to the bathroom every night and I am rarely falling asleep after the 3am trip.

What I miss:  Sleep.

Maternity Clothes:  I am wearing my normal clothes and am comfortable again wearing jeans, not all comfy pants anymore. : )

Weight gain: no change

Emotions: I get frustrated easily.  I have a short fuse which is a combo of hormones and lack of sleep. I'm hoping this doesn't last too much longer!

Milestones:  I had my first appointment at Her Health Clinic.  I met with the nurse and was assigned a doctor.  It was bitter sweet.  I was glad to finally be seen and get an appointment to meet with the doctor but I was sad that Washington Regional has yet to change their VBAC policy so I am being told I HAVE to have a C-section.  I know my rights but it is still hard to go through this a second time and fight for my rights.  Luckily I have a loving, supportive husband who is willing to fight for me and with me!

I finally told my adviser I am pregnant.  That lifted a HUGE weight off of my shoulders.  I can now slowly start to tell our family and close friends.  Tonight we shared the news with Opa and Nina and our neighbors.  Here is Addyson off to share our news!

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