Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Snow Day

We drove home from Evansville yesterday.  I heard the weather at home was beautiful all weekend and surprisingly it was nice up north too!!!  We walked to breakfast every morning and the kids enjoyed playing outside.  We hit a bit of bad weather coming home around the St. Louis area.  As we were driving through they were closing schools and it was snowing and sleeting like crazy.  I was SO thankful to make it out of there!!!  By the time we hit Springfield it was about 20 degrees warmer than St. Louis and it stayed that way all the way to Fayetteville.  Hard to believe we woke up to this...
Ice and snow!!!  I think there was about 2 inches of ice under the 4-5 inches of snow.  I heard it raining about 3 this morning and was thankful we made it home just in time!!!
After spending the WHOLE day in the car yesterday, takes 8 hours on a good day and I think it took us about 11 hours yesterday, the kids were ready to get out and roll around in the snow!!  Ok, Addyson wasn't fond of rolling but Owen loved it!!!
Look at our street!!!  White and gray!!!  As you can imagine, we have another snow day!!!  Will this semester ever get started???
This kids must think it is summer time or have no idea that it is a bit hard to ride your car
and your scooter when the ground is covered in ice and snow!!!  They gave it the ol' college try and then decided that maybe a walk would be more fun!
A walk sounded like a good idea until you had to walk into the wind!  That took your breath away.  Again, didn't phase Owen one bit!  Addyson was like Owen last year, not a huge fan of the snow unless the outside conditions were perfect, sunny and no wind.  I knew the fresh air would do us all some good so she snuggled in and off we went.
Since the temperature just dropped the water hasn't frozen yet in the little river by our house.  Owen played forever dumping snow overboard!!!  We finally had to pull him away and tell him he could throw the snow into the water by our house.  Addyson was DONE and ready to go home!
Trying to snuggle as close to dad as possible and stay warm!!!
On our way home we saw these guys that frequent the non-developed neighborhood across from ours when it snows.  They ski behind the car!!!  Not sure if that is brilliant or crazy!!!
Once we got home, Addyson and I went in to get warm and start the chicken noodle soup.  Owen stayed outside and played until Brad couldn't take it any more.  We convinced him to come in to eat
and told him we could go make snowmen after nap.  Our little snow man!

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