Sunday, February 6, 2011

Backyard Friend

Living right next to protected wetlands, we are always seeing and/or creatures in and around our house!  We are always setting up live traps in our garage to catch mice and then release them in our neighbor's backyard!  Just kidding, we drive them over 3 miles down the road and find a nice field to release them in.  We often hear owls and coyotes at night and see deer, opossum, and snakes.
 At 4 this afternoon, the kids and I were looking outside and couldn't believe we saw an opossum walking around our backyard.  He walked a path like he's been here before.  I think he has a den in our backyard or right behind it because we have seen him in our yard at night.  We now have to check before we let the dogs out.
The kids were super excited to see our backyard friend and Owen started talking about catching him and putting him in the doggie cage.  Remember when we caught the two baby opossums last summer.  He was thinking we could do the same with this large adult.  I told him it was probably one of the babies coming back to tell us thank you for helping him and we should let him go free and live a happy life in our back yard!

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