Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day of Celebrating

While the kids napped I went to one of my dear friend's baby shower.  Lori Pratt and her husband will welcome a baby girl, Bayleigh, on Valentine's Day!  How exciting!  I was glad I was able to get out on these roads and celebrate with Lori and some of our dear friends; Diana, Tiffany, and Jennifer.
It was a nice shower and she got lots of goodies for Bayleigh!  I was once asked to bring a signed book to a baby shower (actually it was Tiffany's) instead of a card and I thought that was a great idea so I like to do that for all of the showers I go to.  A book is such a great gift to give and it keeps giving!
The hostess had planned a couple of fun games.  One game involved guessing what baby item was inside a paper bag.  The second game was a neat idea and a bit... um... tasty!  We had to taste baby food and guess what it was.  I'm proud to say I won that game!!!  It also confirmed why I never give my kids baby tastes like... well let's just say it isn't so flavorful of good flavors!!!  If you have never tried the mac and cheese I suggest trying it before you give it to your kid.... it was NOT good!  However, it was a fun game and great way to socialize with our friends.  I had to quickly scoot out of there so I could run home and get Brad and the kids and head to our next party!
We headed up to Rogers to celebrate Ana Maria's 3rd birthday at Gymboree.  I don't think we've been back there since I took Owen for classes while I was pregnant with Addyson.  I forgot how much we loved that place.  I just wish it was a bit closer!
The kids had fun playing with all of their friends, playing the different games the gymboree lady organized, and trying to collect all of the balloons at one time!
There was a huge tub of instruments for the children to pick one from and then they went on parade around the room.  It was really cute and a little disorganized since  some of the younger kids didn't get that they were suppose to follow the person in front of them.  It was fun to watch.
At the very end they bring out Gymbo the big stuffed clown.  I wasn't sure what the kids would think of them but since they were a few rows back they seemed to enjoy him!!!  They danced with him!
And then waved good bye when it was time for him to go!!  My kids even gave Gymbo a good bye kiss!!!  I was shocked!
What birthday celebration would be complete without singing and a cake?  Actually, when we tell the kids we are going to a party we have to be careful because they automatically assume there is going to be cake there.  And today, there was cake!!  A cute princess cake for Ana Maria!
SO good we had to lick every last big off of our fingers.... or our whole hand!!! : )
See the hand up!  That hand is telling Addyosn "NO!"  Little stinker, she was eating the cake off of the plates next to hers.  Look at those lips, don't you think she got enough?!?  Gotta keep my eye on her when there are yummy things to be had!! : )  What a fun filled day with our family and friends!

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