Sunday, February 27, 2011

First Date

I think today was the first day I've ever taken my handsome little man on a one-on-one date that wasn't a shopping trip or something small like that.  Due to our rough weekend, I needed a little get away and I figured Owen could use a little one-on-one special attention.  I was having the urge to go to see and movie and eat some yummy popcorn and I thougth Owen would be the perfect date for that!!!
When he heard the BIG news that he and I were going to see a movie while Addyson napped he started jumping for joy!  He started telling me about watching a movie with glasses and eating popcorn! : )  We went to see Gnomeo but I choose to see the regular version not the 3D one because he doesn't like to keep the big glasses on so it seems silly to pay the extra money.  The last movie I took him to was Toy Story 3 in 3D and he remembered the glasses so he decided to bring his Buzz Lightyear glasses with him to watch the movie this time.  We got our drink and popcorn (he put chocolate flavored powder on his!!  That's why we love Malco!  I love the flavored popcorn powders!!!) and he could hardly contain himself as we headed to find our theater.  "Mom, I'm so escited!!!!!"
We sat down, he put his glasses on, started eating his popcorn, and we were ready for the movie to start!!!  Once the movie started he wanted to stand up, I guess he gets so into the movie he doesn't want to have to sit to watch it.  He was really into the movie and enjoyed the whole thing.  The last 30 minutes he wanted to sit on my lap, at this point it was his nap time so I knew he was getting tired.  What a great date with my handsome little man!!!  It made me realize that we need to do these sorts of things more often with each of the kids!

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