Friday, February 4, 2011

Gymnack Meet

Tonight we were itching to get out of the house so we decided to brave the snow covered streets and head to the Razorback gymnastics meet.  Thankfully Brad was home and he doesn't mind driving on the yucky stuff!!  He got us there safe and sound and just in time to see the girls come in!!!  I love the big production they put on just for the girls' entrance!!!
After the National Anthem the gymnasts lead us in calling the Hogs!!!  "Woo Pig Sooie!!!"  Both kids are champion Hog callers so they joined right in on the fun!!!
During the breaks, the mascots did a great job of entertaining the crowd!!!  I have to say there was quit the crowd there despite the weather conditions.  I guess a lot of other people had cabin fever like we did!!!  This was a great way to cure that fever!!!
I love how the kids sit and watch so contently!
And when the routine is over they quickly stand up and hold up their "10" signs!!!  They have great sportsmanship because they hold it up for all the girls, Razorbacks and non-Razorbacks!  I want to teach them the difference but I'd rather have them cheering on all the girls than booing half of them !
Since Addyson does gymnastics she recognized most of the equipment.  She liked to watch the girls "flip" and point it out to us to make sure we were watching.
And Owen loved the student section.  They do moves to all the cheers and he tried to do them right along with them.  It was so cute to watch as he stared at them and then I would see his arms and hands moving trying to keep up.  We've trained our little Razorbacks well!!!

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