Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hungry Birds

 With ALL of the snow we got, we have lots of hungry birds in our area.  Our bird feeders are frozen shut under inches of snow and it would be hard to get to them if we wanted to.  Our friend Sara gave the kids little feeders for Christmas and luckily one was easy to get to.  Our bird food is snowed in the shed so I got out some multi grain crackers we had and broke them into lots of little pieces and put them in our feeder.
It didn't take the birdies long to figure out where the food was.  There was also a small patch of concrete below the feeder we put some extra food at.  The birds were not shy and didn't mind the fact we were right there, unless we made quick movements.  So, the kids and I sat still and watched.  I got out my camera to capture the birds up close!
And Addyson got out hers!!!  She wanted to capture the moment as well!!!
Now it is time for a REAL close up!!!  What fun to have the feeder so close and be able to watch the birds get food!!!  Good entertainment for kids that are cooped up in the house on this snowy day!

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Sara Wittenberg said...

So glad the kids are enjoying the feeders! Wanted to share my love of birds, not only with you and Brad (the birdhouse) but with the kids too! I actually filled them with seed, then realized it was ridiculous to try to transport them that way... looks like you got 'em filled though!