Sunday, February 6, 2011

Meet Bentley

Bentley if a VERY playful, furry, ball of puppy that my brother Kellen got for his birthday!  The kids and I had not meet him yet so I asked my mom to bring him over tonight to play with the kids in the snow.  I heard Bentley loves snow and the kids had been begging to go out so I figured they could all entertain each other!
The kids wanted to build a snowman and Bentley just wanted to eat the snow they were trying to pack together.  He would chase each handful and then dig at the snowman.  It was funny to watch but I don't think Owen was a big fan of this puppy eating his snowman!
Addyson is use to our little dogs and this puppy is a bit stronger than our old dogs.  He kept jumping up on her and could knock her over.  Don't think she was a big fan of that.  She likes the little dogs she can pick up and tote around and not ones that mess with her! : )
Not exactly the playful night in the snow I had hoped for.  I think Bentley was a bit overwhelming for them but I'm glad we finally go to meet that furry puppy!!!  As the kids get bigger and he calms down, I'm sure it will be a perfect friendship!

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