Sunday, February 13, 2011

Modern Technology

I love modern technology!!  We use Skype to video chat with our family in Canada and it is so wonderful!  The kids can chat with my family from the comfort of our home 1,000 miles away and feel so connected to them.  I love that Skype helps bridge the gap between them and us!
The kids will often bring me my laptop and tell me they want to call Opa and Nina.  If I try to call them without telling the kids and the kids hear my laptop ringing, they come running!!  They know what that sound means!
The kids get comfortable and tell Opa and Nina all about their day!  They often fight over whose turns it is to hold the computer and fight for screen time.  If they want to play instead of talk, its fine.  My parents like watching the kids play.  Again, it is as if they are right here with us!  If you are on Skype let us know!  We love to chat with people!

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