Friday, February 11, 2011


What I want to capture with this post is a "typical" sibling interaction at the Brewster house.  I have to say that I am so lucky that my kids absolutely love and adore each other!  They always look out for each other and makes sure the other has what they need.  If one is sad, the other is quick to console, rub a back, and offer a drink or toy.  We do, however, have moments where Addyson LOVES to aggravate her big brother.  She gets a look in her eye and you know she is up to no good and she knows exactly what she is doing!!  Makes me laugh... Owen.... not so much!
So this morning Owen wanted me to take his picture while he was sitting in Addyson's chair.  Just a typical morning.  Everyone had their bowl of dry cereal and cup of milk and were enjoying a show.
Well Addyson likes to carry around both drinks and tries to offer Bubba his drink more often than not.  She also likes to be close to him and sit next to him.  Sometimes he is a fan of that and doesn't mind to share.  Other times, like this morning, he wasn't such a fan.  Can you tell by the look on his face and how it changed from the previous picture?!?!
A "Hug" is used to solve all issues in the Brewster house.  If Owen "hurts" Addyson, she'll walk up to him and say "hug".  It is so cute.  So today, Addyson wanted to hug it out with Owen after aggravating him.
And like most hugs when they are being feisty, it turns into a tackle!  Look who is on top with Owen screaming underneath.  That girl loves to get him going!  Of course, she had to let him up and hug it out again... and tackle him again!  Gotta love our siblings!!! : )

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