Saturday, February 5, 2011


This morning the weather was perfect for a sledding adventure!  According to Addyson, today's weather was ideal for playing outside so we tried to take advantage!!  The sun was shinning and the wind was not blowing!  We don't have a sled but it didn't take Brad long to rig up a large container lid with some heavy, duty army rope and "ta dah", we have a sled!
The kids were excited to have a sled to be pulled around on!  Owen quickly hoped on the back and off we went.... or at least tired to.  I think it took us 20 minutes or so to get going.
Addyson was insisting on pulling Owen all by herself and that wasn't going so well.  Brad tried to help pull and she wanted NOTHING to do with that.  So eventually he got behind Owen and secretly pushed while she pulled, she was quit proud of herself!
Then on our long journey up the hill Owen wanted to try to pull me.  As you can imagine, that didn't go so well it.  On a good day, going downhill that would have been hard.  Never mind the inches of unpacked snow and the fact that we were going uphill.  He quickly gave up and decided he liked being pulled much better!  Can't say I blame him!
After all, it is a LONG hike up this hill.  Can you even see where our street would be on the right past those trees?  It doesn't seem that far when we are driving but hiking in the snow, wow, it seems like it took forever!
I eventually had to stop for a rest!!!
And then my wonderful husband said he would finish pulling both the kids up the hill.  What a sweet heart!!  I think he was anxious to get to sledding and didn't want to "rest" and longer.  It was so beautiful and quite, I could have sat there an hour or so!
We finally made it to the little hill by condos and we were ready to play!!!  First, we made lots of snow balls and the kids had fun throwing them.
Then we started sledding.  It took us a bit to figure out that I needed to make a path first in all of that snow or else the sled wasn't going to go, it was just going to get stuck.
I wasn't sure how my cautious little man was going to do but he was excited to sled down the hill.  Once he hit the bottom he squealed with joy and was running up the hill to do it again!!!
And the minute Owen would reach the bottom, I would hear a little voice at the top of the hill saying, "I DO, I DO!!!!"  She couldn't wait for her turn!!! 
 She went all by herself and she too was anxious to run up the hill after her turn to do it all over again!
What a fun morning of sledding!!!

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