Monday, February 21, 2011

Taking Sammy for a Ride

Addyson is a little over obsessed with the dogs these days especially Sam since he is so old and doesn't put up a fight when she picks him up and carries him around.  If you want to know where Sam is just ask Addyson, she usually knows!
This afternoon we played outside for a bit and I let Sam come out front with us for a change of scenery.  (We don't usually let him out front because he can't hear and he wonders off and gets lost)  As soon as Addyson saw him she went running for him saying, "Sam, Sam, Sam".  I think if he could have heard her he would have taken off running!!! : )
She picked him up and put him in the car with her.  She was SO proud!!!  I told her to look at the camera and say "cheese".  I then noticed that she was trying to get Sam to look at the camera too and smile.  She is so funny!!!

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