Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trip to the ER

Today was a scary day in the Brewster House!!!  It started last night about 6.  I wasn't feeling super good so we decided to stay in instead of going to the Gymback meet and we ordered in pizza.  I noticed Addyson wasn't eating much which isn't like her.  I also noticed that she had a slight fever and every now and then I would feel her and she would feel warmer.  I told Brad that I thought she would end up throwing up that night at some point.  We gave her some motrin for her fever and put her to bed about 7:30.  At 3am she woke up calling for us and she had throw up... amazingly it was ALL outside of her crib.  Was I right or what?!?!  I love that a Mother's intuition!!!  She had a fever so we pulled her in bed with us and tried to get as much rest as possible.  We were up at 8 am and then her and I ended up napping on the couch at 8:30.  Her little body was twitching as she slept which I assumed was because she was drifting off to sleep.  I held her tight (I guess to minimize the twitches) and we both slept. (there is a cute picture on my camera that I'll post one day if I ever find my camera cord!) About an hour later she woke up with full body twitching and she would scream!!!  It would last a couple of seconds, all of which she was screaming, then it would stop and start again.  Brad and I have never seen anything like that before so we had NO idea what to do and what was happening to her.

Brad ran Owen next door to Timber's house while I grabbed some clothes for me and some diapers for Addyson.  We jumped in our car (I actually held her tightly in the front seat since we didn't know if she was seizing or what was happening), Brad put our emergency lights on, and we drove quickly (using back roads) to the hospital.  Thankfully it was not busy so they got us in a room right away.  Addyson and I laid on the bed and we waited to be seen, and checked on again, and prodded some more, and a couple of test run, and waiting some more, and, and, and.  After a while, each time the door opened she would tense up and cry.  Poor thing, she had had enough!!!  Turns out she has a major head infection and a double ear infection from an old sinus infection.  The twitching was due to her fever spiking.  I'm thankful that all of this had an easy explanation and easy answer with some medicine.  I read so many blogs of sick kids and I am thankful every day that my kids are so healthy.  And after my one scary morning trip to the ER, I was so thankful we were able to come home that afternoon with a little girl that felt much better!!!  They gave her a shot and I'm telling you, she was a different girl by the time we walked out of the ER!
After a crazy morning of being shuffled around from the neighbor's house to my mom's house, Brad took Owen out for an afternoon of some guy time.  Owen needed to pick out a surprise for having a dry diaper last night and he told Brad that he wanted to get Addyson a surprise too so she would feel better!  What a sweet big brother!
Brad told me the story of their shopping adventure and how thought out Addyson's gift was.  First they went to Target and looked in the $1 bins.  They found a cute bracelet that Owen wanted to get Addyson but then said she would like it, "because it has a bow on it and Addyson doesn't like bows."  Funny, I must say that because she won't wear bows in her hair!  So they eventually went to Kohl's where Owen found the perfect pack of silly bands that were girly (per his request) and then he decided that Addyson needed a purse too.  Again, the purse could not have a bow because Addyson doesn't like bows.  He eventually found the perfect pink purse (without a bow) and put the silly bands in it and brought it home to his sick sister.  He gave it to her with a huge grin on his face and told her he hoped she felt better!  What a sweet ending to our crazy morning!!!

I also need to say that our super, sweet babysitter was suppose to watch the kids tonight so I texted her from the ER to tell her what was going on.  She asked to come by and visit Addyson and she brought her a "get well soon" balloon and a play dough activity.   We are so blessed to have such a sweet person watching after our kids while we are gone!!!

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