Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

This morning, at about 5am, my big Valentine left for work.  I was sad we weren't spending this traditional special day together and going out to dinner tonight but I realized that every day is special here and we don't need a specific day to remind us to love each other!  Besides, I got to spend the day with my two little Valentines!!!
The kids were excited to go to school today and take Valentine's to their friends!!  Owen took Valentine's with Nerds on them and Addyson took each kid a box of stickers (I thought that was very practical for almost 2 year olds!).
Owen asked me this morning if his friends were going to bring him Valentines too.  I told him they probably were and I was right!!!  Look at these little guys as they go through their goodies.  They were SO excited!
I wonder if this Valentine is from someone special?!?!  Brad and I wrote "love letters" to each other all weekend.  That was the basis of the retreat we went on and that was a way we were taught to communicate our feelings.  So, I got my fair share of love letters to last me the year.  Despite all the writing we did this weekend, my sweet Valentine left a card for me on my pillow. : )
It was so neat to watch the kids go through their bags and get excited about all of the little things!  Addyson was so excited about this sucker and she took about two licks of it and gave it back to me and was on to the next thing!
I was trying to get the two of them to sit side-by-side and smile.  That's almost impossible when there is so much going on and so many things to look at.  This isn't the best picture but I love the look on Addyson's face!  I wonder what she is thinking.
"Hey Addyson, what do you think about all of these goodies we got?!?!"
Happy Valentine's Day to all of my special Valentines!!!!

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