Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend with Nammie

This weekend Brad and I went to Subiaco Arkansas for a Worldwide Marriage Encounter that is sponsored through the Catholic Church.  It was our 5th anniversary gift to ourselves but we didn't get to go in October due to crazy schedules so we went this weekend.  It was perfect since it was Valentine's Weekend!  We had so much fun being together and being able to just focus on us and talked about our dreams for our family!  If you are looking for something to do with your spouse (you don't have to be Catholic), I highly recommend it!!!
My mom said she would watch the kids as a gift to us...what better gift could we get?!?  I have to say, I first said "yes" to this retreat because I was looking forward to an uninterrupted night of sleep!!  Once we were gone I realized how much I missed the kids but I knew they were in good hands.  We called Saturday night during a break, about 8pm, I figured we'd be catching them right before they went to bed.

Is it just me, or does Addyson's face scream that she ate more of the pizza while she was making it then she probably did after it came out of the oven?
Turns out they were just getting ready to eat this yummy pizza!  WHAT?!?!  Addyson normally goes to bed at 7:30.  Isn't it amazing how ALL rules go out the window when you are at Grandma's house?!?!  I guess the main thing is that they are happy and having fun.....and when they come home it will take a week to get them back on schedule. : )
Making pizza was not the only fun thing Nammie had planned.  They also made yummy chocolate chips cookies from scratch.
Looks like they are proud of their cookies!!!  Addyson's "cheese" face cracks me up every time!  Any time you get the camera out, especially if you say "cheese", you are going to get this face.  A face only a momma could be proud of. : )
Here's to a wonderful weekend had by all!!!

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