Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mommy's Splurge

 My personal splurge arrived while we were gone.  I was SO excited to open the box and find this...
My blogs from 2009 and 2010 printed!!!  I have been wanting to print my blogs for a long time and I sat down once to do it a couple of months ago but saw the price and figured I should wait.  Well since I had registered to print my blogs blog2print had my email and sent me a coupon that gave me 20% off so I knew now was the time to print them!!
I printed 2009 with no problems.  I started to print 2010 just the same way and then I got a notice that I had too many pictures and had to split my blog up.  I had no idea the differences between the two years until I got my books!!!  The yellow book is from 2009 and the blue books are from 2010!!!  Wow, I did a lot more blogging the second year and I also started to add more pictures.  I had a friend tell me at the beginning not to put too many pictures, they bored people, but, I realized my blog was for my kids (and my family) and I wanted to share every cute picture so I did!!!  I made collages with 2-4 pictures at times to save space but now looking through the books I don't think I'll do that again, the pictures are too small.  I'm not good at scrap booking or keeping up with baby books, I use the blog for that so to make sure the kids will have all the pictures to look back on I'll no longer use the collages.  Sorry to my readers if my pictures bore you but I see that many of you keep coming back for more so I must be doing something right!! : )
The kids and I sat down with the books and looked through them.  It was so neat to go back and read over the memories and remember the cute little stories we had forgotten!!!  I'm so thankful I splurged and had my books printed and I'm so thankful I have kept up with the blogs so we have all the memories to read back through over the years!!!  If you haven't had your blog printed, I suggest you do!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Typical Monday

Is it possible to have a typical Monday after 11 days on the road???  I feel like I need a vacation from our vacation and I'm sure Brad feels the same way.  We spent 12 hours on the road yesterday and got home about 9:30 and poor Brad had to be on the road by 7am this morning to drive 4 hours.  Just another typical Monday at the Brewster house.  No relaxing....we already did enough of that I guess.
Sometimes Brad leaves before the kids are up but since Owen has been waking up at 6:30 these days he was up in time to say "good bye" to his daddy.  He told daddy that since he was going to work he needed to wear a tie.  Brad hates ties and is so thankful he doesn't have to wear a time to work and he was trying to explain this to Owen.  Owen wasn't going to take no for an answer.  He thinks a typical Monday involves daddy going to work in a tie.  I have NO idea where he got that idea from since Brad never wears a time but today he wasn't getting out the door without a tie on!
And since Owen wants to go to work with his daddy one day he wanted to wear a tie too so he could be like him!!  It was so cute to see his face light up when Brad put the tie on.  After putting ties on, Brad was out the door.  It breaks my heart that Addyson didn't get to say "good bye" to Brad, it seems like this happens to often.  Just another typical Monday at the Brewster house!  And waking up to a typical Monday means this momma needs to brace for a typical week of school, kids, home, and pregnancy as a single mom.  I'm ready for our new typical week, whatever that might look like!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

12 Hours

That's how long we traveled to get home today.  12 hours!!!  10 hours of driving but with stops it made for a 12 hour day and the kids did.....
They did especially great after stops that involved ice cream!!!  When mommy was driver she made sure to stop at gas stations that had a special treat like a Baskin Robins!!! : )  Mommy really needed a malt and the chocolate ice cream in a cup was a nice treat for the kids!!!  After that stop however, Brad and I made a new rule: NO chocolate ice cream in the car!!!!  We decided that one parent will go get the "surprise" while the other entertains the kids and then they will be happy with whatever!  Lack of choices will make them happier when they get what is given to them.  Right???  As you can tell from the pictures, Owen is a pretty clean eater.  Addyson, however, is NOT so neat.... she is the exact opposite and can make a huge mess!!!  Vanilla ice cream would make the mess less obvious!
Things were good until their ice cream was gone and I still had my malt left.  Addyson saw the cup from the back and started to use my own words on me.  "Momma, share!"  I heard that phrase several times!!!  We've been working on getting her to share and how convenient that she remembers to share when it is MY ice cream she wants to share!!! : )  I drank most of it and then shared the rest with her, I was trying to set a good example without giving up my goods!!! : )
About 8 hours into our trip the kids were getting restless.  Addyson's sticky hands being run through her hair gave her a new hair do!!!  A nice mohawk!!!  She wasn't amused by my giggles and wanting to take pictures.  Can you tell by her face???
We stopped for dinner in Conway which is about 2.5 hours from the house and it was about 7.  In order to keep from getting home so late we decided to eat in the car.  We knew that would occupy the kids for about 30 minutes and they wouldn't even realize it!  Plus, Owen likes the idea of eating dinner in the car while watching a movie!!  After the kids finished theirs Addyson started to get restless again.  I shared my nachos with her and all was better!  Nachos in the car??  Crazy right?  It just sounded so good and since I wasn't driving it wasn't an issue..... until Addyson wanted some.  I think we'll have to get a whole new car seat after this trip!!!!  We made it home by 9 and the kids were so happy to see their puppies!!!  They also played a really cute game with all of the kitchen stuff which entailed them bringing in most of the food into our room and eating it.  I'll have to upload the videos later.  You could tell they had some energy to burn after a long day!!!  After playing for 30 minutes we put them to bed in Owen's room, together for the first time in our house, so we'll see how they do!!!  It's been a great vacation but we are so glad to be home!!!!  Now I just need a week to recoup!!!

*** Nighttime update- Addyson walked into our room about 3am.  Came to my side of the bed, asked to get up, and went right to sleep.  What is so interesting is that she didn't get up one time this whole week.  Maybe it is because Owen's bed is so close to the floor unlike the big hotel beds.  Guess she'll be sleeping in her room tonight.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Mama Sing"

When I weaned Addyson I had to come up with a new bedtime routine that would be calming and engaging and distract her from wanting to nurse.  We would get her baby (or bear), a cup of water, and a book and we would sit in the rocking chair.  I would rock to her, read her story, talk about our day, and then walk over and turn off the light.  We would then sit back in the chair and rock as we said our prayer and I would sing 3 songs.  For consistency I kept singing the same three songs so she would know what to expect.  For no real reason, I didn't think it out I just started singing, I sang my favorite songs from St. Thomas; Sanctuary, Give Me Jesus, and You Are The Way.  I noticed she started singing the last song with me as I sang it this past week (it is the easiest song) and I was shocked that she knew the words.  These little ones are sponges that soak up everything when you don't even realize it!

This week, since we started a new night time routine that included Owen and getting them to both sleep in the same bed,  I haven't sang to her.  Tonight, as I was telling them good night and giving them kisses she looked at me and said, "Mama sing".  It melted my heart.  I started singing and she sang with me on every song.  I guess she has really missed my terrible beautiful to her singing!  I'm glad she has enjoyed it as much as I have and it helped make the transition to being a big girl an easy one!!!


The kids are a little obsessed with cats right now especially Addyson!  They love cats so much I'm seriously considering surprising them with one on Christmas morning.  I figure we'll be settled in our new home and in the new routine with three kids that I'll be able to handle the addition of a cat.  I can see the looks on their faces already!!! : )  Brad isn't on board yet but I have 9 months to work on him!!!  So where is this obsession coming from all of a sudden?
It might have a little something to do with the four cats Grandma and Grandpa have at their house!!!  And Addyson is as "helpful" with all of them (well three of them, they have a super shy one we only saw for a split second the whole time we were there) as she is with the dogs.
By helpful I mean in their face with food and toys all the time, trying to pick up when she can, trying to "love" them as often as she can, and always asking about them; their whereabouts and what they are doing.  As soon as we pull into the driveway she starts saying "eow" as in "meow" which is what she calls cats and has send about a million times in the few days we've been here!  She's a bit obsessed!!!
Thankfully the "eows" are very friendly, like to play, are loving, and are VERY tolerant of the kids!  Even when the kids take over their toys like their tunnel.  Look at Toby in the background trying to figure out what is going on.

And when I say the cats are loving I mean it.  Manny (named by Owen from Handy Manny) is a snuggle bug and Addyson ate it up!!!  She is always trying to love on the dogs and they want nothing to do with her.  Here, Manny snuggled right up beside her and she would actually lay still for more than a minute!!!
We've had a lot of fun with the cats and I'm ready to get one BUT how do we make sure we get a cat that is a loving and as tolerant as there cats are????  I'm so afraid we'll end up with a hisser and scratcher, which these cats never did.  I want to adopt a cat from the shelter but I want some sort of guarantee that it will be the perfect cat!  Any tips???
Manny is an Abyssinian, growing up we had an Abyssinian named Miranda and this kitty reminds me a lot of her.  He plays fetch like she did and he LOVES to ride on your shoulders like she did.  You ahve to be careful though because sometimes he'll jump up without warning!!!  He scared Brad a couple of times!!! : )  Hopefully he didn't scare Brad out of ever getting a "eow"!!! : )  Stay Tuned!

Last Supper in Mississippi

So what did we do with ALL that speckled trout we caught this morning????  Brad fried it up!!!  Yummy!!!  Brad and Ken took the kids to the store while Robin and I relaxed (and played words with friends).  They picked up fish batter, corn (Addyson's request), mac and cheese (my request), and crawfish (Owen's request).

 Then came home and made a HUGE mess in the kitchen.
The final result was a supper so yummy everyone cleared their plates!!!  The fresh fish was absolutely amazing!
And the crawfish were a hit as well!!!  It was a great last supper of some Gulf favorites before we hit the road tomorrow!
With full bellies we knew we needed to go get out for a bit and enjoy one last trip to the beach.  It was super windy but that didn't slow us down.  We know how you have to kick the soccer ball against the wind and then run back up the beach to start over!!!  Tonight was nice because Grandma and Grandpa got to go with us!
Throwing sand in the Gulf one last time!
One more trip getting as sandy as possible!!!
So sandy that I talked Grandpa into carrying him to the car after I washed him off.  Two sandy,wet, sun kissed kids equals a great beach vacation!!!

Fishing Trip

Brad's big surprise for the whole trip was a fishing trip he had planned for Saturday morning.  We knew Owen would be so excited and that was all Brad could talk about leading up to the trip.  He would talk about how he couldn't wait to see Owen's face when he found out what we were doing.  I knew Brad was equally excited for himself!!!  And I was excited for both of them.  Because Owen doesn't like to do things "tomorrow", he wants to do them today and because he is a broken record about things we didn't tell him about the trip until we were loading him up in the car to go there!
Actually we had to be at the boat at 6:15 so we had to leave the house at 5:45 so when we woke the kids up at 5:40 to load them up we told them what we were doing and Owen was SO excited.  He woke up with no issues and could hardly contain himself on the drive there.  It took Addyson a few minutes to get into it but once she saw Owen's excitement and he talked to her about it she got excited too!!!
As we were riding to our fishing site we saw two dolphins swimming beside us.  You can't see them in the picture but Owen is pointing them out to Addyson.
Once the boat stopped we got started!  Addyson was ready to jump in and start fishing with the big girl rod!!!  She didn't want my help but I didn't want the pole going overboard especially since it wasn't ours!!!!
It didn't take long before Owen snagged his first fish!!!  OH, he was SO excited!  I tried to film it but I couldn't find my flip in time.  He was squealing with excitement and everyone on the boat was so happy for him.  It was really cute!
Can you tell how excited he is?!?!?  This little guy had SO much fun on this trip!
Robin caught the first keeper of our group.  We were catching a lot of catfish because they bite first and finally Robin hooked the speckled trout.
And Owen caught a couple of keepers too!!!
And Brad caught a couple of keepers.  What you won't see is a picture of me holding a keeper.  I caught catfish and another type of fish they were using for bait... which if you know me, was killing me.  I wanted to throw them back SO bad and now watch the guy cut them up and put them back on my hook but I was told that's the circle of life.  I'm not convinced but on the boat with a bunch of fishermen was NOT the place to get in the debate.  I just tried NOT to catch many fish of that.
Which ended up not being hard.  Addyson was tired after 1.5 hours into it.  I could hardly blame her after her 5:40am wake up call.  She wanted to be in the sling and it was hurting my legs and back to try to fish with her on my back and baby in my belly.  I didn't mind.  I was more into watching Owen's face every time he caught a fish and taking pictures of it all!
The fish bait didn't bother the kids at all.  I was shocked.  I wasn't sure how Owen would take the fish being cut right in front of him and all of the other bait sitting out but he was really interested in it.  I think he was trying to piece it all together.  Once he realized what was going on with the bait he wanted to do it by himself.  I guess that's a sign of a true fisherman!
And Addyson was right there in it as well!!!!
After 2 hours Addyson was done and Owen was winding down.  They were getting hungry and tired and were voicing it quit often.  It didn't stop Owen from fishing until the very end but,
little Addyson just couldn't hang in there.  She took a 30 minute cat nap and woke up as we were pulling into the dock.
One last BIG keeper to fry up tonight!
What a stringer and what a trip!!!!

14 Weeks

14 Weeks

Size of Baby Brewster: size of a lemon and is very active now.

Biggest Challenges:  Feeling pregnant but feeling like I look like I've just gained weight.  It is hard being in that in between phase and wanting to feel like you look pregnant but not quite sure you are there yet. 

Cravings: Chips and Salsa  

Aversions: It has been a good week so nothing has really put me off.  I am sticking to one "flavor" of food when I eat.  I used to want to try whatever Brad ordered but now I just like to stick ot what I ordered and not mix a bunch of flavors.

Gender:  Still feeling girl.

Movement:  No movement yet

Sleep:  Since we are traveling and sleeping in different places it has been helpful to take 1/4 of Unisom again to help me make it through the night.

What I miss:  Being able to drink a beer.  It is vacation time with Brad and this would usually mean drinking beer on the beach or at night... now I just watch!!

Maternity Clothes:  Still in normal clothes but I did wear my maternity swim suit since I figured that would be the best way to cover up my belly.

Weight gain:

Emotions: I get frustrated easily.  I have a short fuse which is a combo of hormones and too much on my plate. I'm hoping this doesn't last too much longer!

Milestones: Having the energy to enjoy our family vacation!!!  Taking baby to the beach for the first time!! : )

Friday, March 25, 2011

Jourdan River Steamer

Yes, this restaurant is SO good it gets a post all of its own!!!  Just how good is it?  This face should say it all....
When Addyson say the size of the plates they were bringing out and the size of the king crab legs that Grandma got, she couldn't believe her eyes!!!!
Owen was hoping to eat crawfish tonight, like every other night this week, but when he say the red shrimp and crab legs he was a happy guy...
and so was every other person at the table!!!!
I taught Owen how you can pull the tendon in the crab claw and make it pinch.  A fun way to get your sister's nose!!! : )
Why is this place SO good?  It is the freshest, yummiest seafood I have every had.  Most dishes come steamed (hence the name) and served with the best melted butter I have ever had! 
Ken and Robin know it is our favorite place, we got hooked on their charbroiled oysters the first time we went there, so when they suggested that we go there for dinner tonight we were really excited!  If you are ever in the Long Beach/Gulfport area you HAVE got to look this place up!!!
I can already taste our next trip there!!! : )


 It is our favorite time of year!!!
 It is time to eat