Sunday, March 27, 2011

12 Hours

That's how long we traveled to get home today.  12 hours!!!  10 hours of driving but with stops it made for a 12 hour day and the kids did.....
They did especially great after stops that involved ice cream!!!  When mommy was driver she made sure to stop at gas stations that had a special treat like a Baskin Robins!!! : )  Mommy really needed a malt and the chocolate ice cream in a cup was a nice treat for the kids!!!  After that stop however, Brad and I made a new rule: NO chocolate ice cream in the car!!!!  We decided that one parent will go get the "surprise" while the other entertains the kids and then they will be happy with whatever!  Lack of choices will make them happier when they get what is given to them.  Right???  As you can tell from the pictures, Owen is a pretty clean eater.  Addyson, however, is NOT so neat.... she is the exact opposite and can make a huge mess!!!  Vanilla ice cream would make the mess less obvious!
Things were good until their ice cream was gone and I still had my malt left.  Addyson saw the cup from the back and started to use my own words on me.  "Momma, share!"  I heard that phrase several times!!!  We've been working on getting her to share and how convenient that she remembers to share when it is MY ice cream she wants to share!!! : )  I drank most of it and then shared the rest with her, I was trying to set a good example without giving up my goods!!! : )
About 8 hours into our trip the kids were getting restless.  Addyson's sticky hands being run through her hair gave her a new hair do!!!  A nice mohawk!!!  She wasn't amused by my giggles and wanting to take pictures.  Can you tell by her face???
We stopped for dinner in Conway which is about 2.5 hours from the house and it was about 7.  In order to keep from getting home so late we decided to eat in the car.  We knew that would occupy the kids for about 30 minutes and they wouldn't even realize it!  Plus, Owen likes the idea of eating dinner in the car while watching a movie!!  After the kids finished theirs Addyson started to get restless again.  I shared my nachos with her and all was better!  Nachos in the car??  Crazy right?  It just sounded so good and since I wasn't driving it wasn't an issue..... until Addyson wanted some.  I think we'll have to get a whole new car seat after this trip!!!!  We made it home by 9 and the kids were so happy to see their puppies!!!  They also played a really cute game with all of the kitchen stuff which entailed them bringing in most of the food into our room and eating it.  I'll have to upload the videos later.  You could tell they had some energy to burn after a long day!!!  After playing for 30 minutes we put them to bed in Owen's room, together for the first time in our house, so we'll see how they do!!!  It's been a great vacation but we are so glad to be home!!!!  Now I just need a week to recoup!!!

*** Nighttime update- Addyson walked into our room about 3am.  Came to my side of the bed, asked to get up, and went right to sleep.  What is so interesting is that she didn't get up one time this whole week.  Maybe it is because Owen's bed is so close to the floor unlike the big hotel beds.  Guess she'll be sleeping in her room tonight.

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