Saturday, March 12, 2011

12 Weeks

12 Weeks

Size of Baby Brewster: size of a plum with almost all of the systems fully formed!  I really feel like I am showing even though I am only 12 weeks.  Tell me this is normal with the third one!!!

Biggest Challenges:  Morning headaches, afternoon exhaustion, and daily mood swings.  I also get carsick when I am a passenger.  Also, the trips to the bathroom as I try to fall asleep are getting a bit annoying!  I get up 3-6 times between the time I get in bed and the time I actually fall asleep.  Just as I get warm and cozy I have to get up again.  UGH!!!!  To make matters worse, Brad got a new toilet cleaner, the one that you get a bit with every flush, and I CAN'T stand the smell so I get nauseous every time I go to the bathroom.  I'm not sure if it is that or what but, I feel like I have my "morning" sickness from 10-11 at night and I fight the feeling of throwing up, I toss and turn, and it takes forever to fall asleep.

Cravings: Naps : )  Besides that, I'd probably say chips and salsa. 

Aversions: People that talk too much (I have one or two of those in my classes).  Smells are also still offensive.

Gender:  Still leaning towards a girl.  Owen now tells people that I have a boy in my belly and he has a girl in his belly.

Movement:  Still a couple of weeks away from feeling any movement.

Sleep: I've tried to wean myself off of the Unisom.  I can sleep at night and if I wake up I do fall back asleep however, I'm waking up and not really feeling rested.  I think I toss and turn a lot and wake up frequently but am able to go back to sleep.

What I miss:  Falling asleep without getting up a ton of times.

Maternity Clothes:  I am wearing my normal clothes but I did buy some summer clothes at the Rhea Lana sale this week!!!

Weight gain: 1 pound gain

Emotions: I get frustrated easily.  I have a short fuse which is a combo of hormones and lack of sleep. I forget, does this go away in the second trimester???

Milestones:  Coming up with, what I think is, my top choice of boy and girl names!!!  I've run them by Brad but it takes him a while to decide.  This is much quicker than we picked out names for either of the other kids!!!  Let's see if these names remain at the top of the list for another 29 weeks!!!  Also, it has been fun talking more open with the kids about the baby!!! : )

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