Saturday, January 22, 2011

5 Weeks

5 Weeks

Size of Baby Brewster: a tadpole the size of an apple seed

Biggest Challenges: Morning sickness!  Due to school, I don't want anyone to suspect/know I'm pregnant.  It is a bit hard to go about my day and act like everything is okay especially since my "sickest" times are around noon.  School started this week and my classes are at 12:30 and 2.  Ugh! I'm also tired all the time.  Seems like I'm ready for a nap about an hour after I wake up.  And keeping this a secret is SO hard!  We like to keep it a secret until we hear the heartbeat but I'm not sure this time.  We have had "Happy Hour" with the department and I made an excuse about not having childcare because I knew if I went and didn't have a beer people would suspect!

Cravings:  My "eating everything in sight" hunger has calmed down a bit.  I've had taken to eating lots of crackers to help with my nausea.  I am craving caffeine so I'm drinking Dr. Pepper every day.  I'm also craving chips and dip.  La Huerta cheese dip mixed with their salsa is at the top of my "Yummy" List!

Aversions: Smells are starting to bother me.  Right now, just bad smells ( like dog pee which isn't going to be easy to avoid with old man Sam and his diapers)

Gender:  Again, if this was my second pregnancy I would guess a girl since I wasn't sick like this with Owen.  However, I wasn't sick like this with Addyson either so I'm at a loss for guessing!

Movement:  No movement from baby but I can definitely tell things are changing in my body with all of the cramps and aches.

Sleep: I can sleep just fine.  Already getting up once or twice a night to go to the bathroom.

What I miss:  I don't miss anything yet. I have a slight craving for beer.

Maternity Clothes:  Still wearing my clothes.

Weight gain: -1 pound (finally get a bit of the holiday weight off!)

Emotions: I feel a bit more emotional than usual but nothing too strong.  I get teary eyed a bit more than normal.  I also feel myself having a bit less patience than normal.

Milestones:  Making it through the first week of school without anyone suspecting!  Brad came home yesterday and we got to celebrate together the fact that we are having a third child!

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