Thursday, March 24, 2011

Afternoon at the Beach

When Addyson woke up from her nap and Owen got back from fishing in the neighborhood we were trying to figure out what to do.  Without a plan in mind we packed up the kids and headed out to explore Long Beach.  It shouldn't have been a surprise that we ended up at the beach!!!  We've got to take full advantage of our time here!  The weather was perfect and we just were enjoying our time together without work or school!
The kids were excited to get out of the car, take their shoes off, and start playing right away!  Since we didn't have plans to go to the beach we weren't prepared with any toys or swimsuits but that didn't stop us from having fun!
Here is a little plug for me, the mom and writer of the blog!  I'm the picture taker and writer which means I'm rarely in pictures and rarely written about so I took a picture of myself to post!  Now that we have an idea of where we are headed this next couple of months I took this time, as the kids played and Brad and I basked in the sun, to do a lot of thinking.  I remember Holly commenting a couple of days about about how "at peace" I seemed about this move and you know what, I am.  I feel like Brad's work has been talking about us moving to Houston for almost 3 years so it is nice to finally have things set in stone and know where we are headed.  It will be super sad to leave my mom, family, and friends but, we will be living close to Brad's family and have a chance to nurture those relationships.  Plus, for Brad professionally, this is a great move and I'm so proud of him and excited for him.  For me, there is a zoo so, if I ever want to go to work or volunteer I'll have the perfect place to do it!  All of these happy thoughts run through my head as I sit and enjoy these moments with my kids and I'm excited.  Now if we can just sell our house worry free I'll be a happy girl!
As I'm deep in thought, the kids are deep in play!  Running in the water, chasing seagulls, playing in the sand.  Getting wet and dirty and enjoying every moment!!!
Look, someone's hair is long enough to start flipping out!!!!  It even blows a bit in the wind!
Our next stop after the beach was to the store to get food for dinner so I needed the kids to have somewhat dry and clean clothes to go in.  With that being said, off went the shorts that kept getting wet.  I need to just keep swimsuits in the car when we are here visiting!  That or just take his shorts off as soon as we get there so I don't have to worry.
Then he could just get down and dirty in the sand without worries!  One of his favorite things to do is throw sand in the water.  He could do this over and over and over again without growing weary.  We just have to make sure we are not sitting down wind!
It was really warm and I was getting really thirsty so I asked Brad to go to the car and get our cups out.  As he was headed to the car I looked an Addyson was a few steps behind him.  I couldn't figure out if she was ready to go, thirsty, or what she was looking for but Brad soon found out.  He had gone to the car, got my cup, and was headed back before Addyson caught up with him.  When he got to her she grabbed his hand and took him back to the car and had him open up the front passenger door (my seat).  She knew exactly what she wanted!
She grabbed my bag of goodies and headed back!  She held them up and was yelling "Bubba!!!"  She was so proud of her treasure!
She had found my bag of sour gummie lifesavers and wanted them for a snack.  Not a typical snack at our house but on the road anything goes!
After our snack and a bit more play she was headed back to the car again.  This time she was ready to go and get food for supper!!!
What a great afternoon at the beach.  Makes me wish we lived close to the beach, like less than a mile away like Ken and Robin, so we could always spend nice afternoons outside enjoying the sun, sand, and water!  For now, we'll enjoy visiting and soak up every moment we can!!!

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