Saturday, March 19, 2011

Afternoon with Cousins

When the baby shower was over the boys joined us at Holly's aunt's house.  It was a gorgeous day and we soaked up every second of it!!!  Simon was meeting some family members for the first time and they had gotten him some birthday presents, one of them was a drum set full of instruments so the kids all grabbed one and paraded around the yard.
The drum was a HUGE hit!!!  Here is Owen being the leader and marching with the drum.
Then it was Lucy's turn.  Is she running from Owen so he doesn't get the drum or marching really fast?!?!
Then, when the big kids weren't looking, Addyson finally had her turn with the drum!! : )
Poor Simon never got a chance with the drum despite the fact that it was HIS gift!!!  Thankfully, he is little and doesn't know any better and had just as much fun with the shaker toys!
As the kids were making music of their own, Uncle Bret heard the ice cream van and its music and ran off to stop him.  We told the kids Uncle Bret had a surprise for them in the front yard and they took off running!!  They were so excited to see the ice cream van and had fun picking out the treat they wanted!
Another great example of how Holly's family is so welcoming and includes us in everything.  The way they all help with our kids and love on them, you would think we were all related.  I guess we kinda are!
Yummy Dora!!!
Headed back to the backyard to enjoy our yummy treats!!!!  Lucy's is already half gone!!! : )
Simon got a cup of ice cream that his dad help him eat, he didn't get a fun character but Addyson was very willing to share with him!!!  It was SO cute!!!  He would come up to her for a bit and she offered him one and was so happy to be sharing!!!  She is such a sweet cousin, sister, and friend!
After that sugar overload (don't forget they had cake an hour or so before at Lisa's shower), they were wound up with TONS of energy that needed to be burned!  Owen showed Lucy how to do a "racer's stance" and they were ready to run and run and run!!!!
On your mark, get set, 
What a fun afternoon with our cousins!!!!

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