Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Basketball Game

Tonight our good friends the Watsons gave us their basketball tickets to go to the final home game of the season.  I can't believe the season is over and we are just now going to our first game.  Where has all this time gone???  We almost didn't go, Wednesdays are a bit crazy for us.  The kids go to school in the morning and then Addyson has gymnastics in the evening so it makes for a long day.  To top it off, the game didn't start until 8.  We got great seats and their parking pas so we parked right outside the door so we thought we'd go for as long as we could and then leave when they got tired.
I'm SO glad we decided to go!!!  We had so much fun especially, Owen!!!!  He stood the whole time and did his little excited thing where his body tenses up and he does a little grunt.  I knew he was having a blast!!!  He watched the players intensely, followed the Hogs wherever they were, and tried to cheer along with the student section!
There was a group of guys sitting in front of us that seemed to be impressed with how into the game our kids were and how Owen can sing along with all of the cheers and do most of the actions.  We had one of the snap a quick picture for us.  Not the best picture but beggars can't be choosers!! : )
Look how close we were!!  Just a couple of rows up!!!  I think that helped keep the kids engaged.  Especially Addyson who is usually in bed at 7:30!
So excited when we made a 3 point basket!!!
Cheering right along with her big brother!!!
Owen had to go potty, which I'm super impressed of him for telling us and missing part of the game to go.  That didn't stop him from cheering on the way out or the way in!!!  Brad told me that Owen said to him, as they were coming down the stairs, "Hold on to me so I can cheer!"  Look at him signing the fight song as they head back to their seats! : )
We stayed until halftime!!!  I was impressed we made it until 9.  Owen could have kept going but he left like a big boy and I was so proud of him for that!!!  Addyson was ready for bed so I thought it was best to go while there was a break in the game.  What a fun night!!!  I can't believe it took us this long to go to a game but I'm SO glad we finally went!!!

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