Friday, March 4, 2011

Catching a Shirt

Since we've been to two Razorback sporting events back to back Owen knows the drill when it comes to shirt throwing time!!!  We haven't caught a shirt yet this year but we still try and try and try!!!  At the gymnastics meet today we sat in the student section and there is a special shirt throwing event just for this section with lots of shirts so I knew our chances were pretty high to get a shirt this time.  Owen stood up in anticipation and since he stood up so early (and was so super cute) he caught the eye of some of the cheerleaders!!!
This sweet cheerleader had been eyeing him and to make sure he got a shirt (instead of the big guy in front of us jumping up to get it) she came up close, told him to get ready, and tossed him the shirt!
He was SO excited that he caught a shirt!!!  Finally we got one!!! : )
Sue E. even came by to congratulate him.  He wouldn't give her a "five" but he did look at her and wave!!!  That's huge progress for him!!  And Addyson just looked and didn't cry.  I was excited!!  Maybe next year we can get pictures with the mascots again!
He put on his BIG shirt and got busy calling the Hogs with the rest of the student section!!!  He loved sitting with all the big kids and cheering right along with them!  It was a super fun night!

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