Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crawfish Time

We made it to Mississippi just in time for dinner!!!  I had talk to Ken on the phone and told him I was craving a shrimp Po Boy for dinner and that's just what I had!!!  Ken had to teach a night class but Robin was home to go to dinner with us and she took us to Lil' Rays which specializes in Po Boys and, as it turns out, crawfish!!!  We walked in and most people had a tray full on their table.
Brad took the kids to wash hands when we got there and Owen saw all the crawfish.  He told Brad he wanted to eat "lobster crabs" for dinner.  Guess it kind of does look like a cross between the two.  We tried to talk him out of it thinking he wouldn't like it or that they would be too spicy but he wouldn't budge.  He wanted crawfish and that was it!
It looks like Addyson is afraid of the crawfish but I think she is just mad that she got left out of the picture with dad and Owen.  She didn't want a picture by herself!  She wanted in the group shot!!  She liked to play with them and was even giving them kisses.  She also ate a couple but said they were spicy and always took a drink after.
Not Owen, he ate a TON, probably half of the 3 pounds Brad ordered, and didn't complain once.  Him and Brad had a system, Owen plucked the heads off and Brad peeled the tail and they ate every last one.  They were both in heaven!!!  I think we'll be eating crawfish a couple of more times while we are here!

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