Saturday, March 19, 2011

Degraff Baby Shower

 We made it to Houston just in time to celebrate the anticipated arrival of baby Oliver!!!
Lisa and her husband Mike will be welcoming baby Oliver around the end of April or beginning of May and we are so excited!  Lisa is Holly's sister so she isn't officially a sister-in-law but I consider her one, doesn't she look great!  Lisa and Mike are an aunt and uncle to our kids and I'm looking forward to being one of Oliver's many aunts!!!  I'm so thankful that Holly's family is so open, warm, and loving, we feel at home whenever we are around them!  That makes the idea of one day moving to Houston a bit exciting because I know we will be surround by "family", people that care about us, and we'll have many get togethers to go to.
Lucy and Addyson were a cute pair at the shower.  Addyson followed Lucy everywhere and Lucy was excited to have Addyson to follow her around.  They wanted to be the "big helpers" at the shower and were going to help hand out cake.....
but, they took the first piece and decided it was better to eat than give away!!! : )  Can you blame them?
After cake time, they were bit helpers!  They took Aunt Lisa the presents and helped her open them!!!  It was really cute to watch!  It was a beautiful shower and I'm so glad we were able to be there to celebrate with everyone!

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