Sunday, March 20, 2011

Downtown Aquarium

Today we headed to Houston's Downtown Aquarium with the Austin Brewster family.  We had to eat lunch before we headed over, well I guess we didn't have to.  The Aquarium is tied in with a restaurant that is owned by the Landry's company but we headed that the prices were a bit steep for lunch.  We parked in the downtown area and turns out there was this great Greek place that was all outside seating, Nikos Nikos.
The kids wandered around, chased the pigeons, and every now and then came back for a bit of food.  It was such a pretty day we just soaked it all up!!!
We had a three block walk from there to the Aquarium and both kids fought over who was going to ride in the Beco.  Not really sure how Owen won out but he did and thankfully Addyson's second favorite place to ride is on daddy's shoulders!!!  Dad was the pack mule and got both there with no fighting!!! : )
We found armbands for buy one get one free which gave us access to all of the rides and the aquarium for a great price, $25 per family!  If you don't do this, you should get in the habit, before you head somewhere check online for coupons!!!  It is amazing what you can find!!!  I just google that place and printable coupons and most of the time we find something!
It was dark in the aquarium so our kids were a bit hesitant to go into the next room not knowing what was going to be there but once they realized it was more pretty fish they were excited.  We got to find "Nemo" and "Dori" lots of times!!!
 Can you find Nemo?
They also had 2 white tigers on display.  They were sleeping while we were there but right next door you could have your picture taken with an "attacking" white tiger!!!  Aunt Holly was up for the challenge of showing that tiger who was boss!!!
Austin Brewsters enjoying the Aquarium
 Fayetteville Brewsters having fun at the Aquarium
After walking through the aquarium we jumped on the shark train.  You get on a train and it takes you into a tunnel that has sharks swimming around.
 This is Addyson's new shock or surprise face!  The train drove in and she made her new face.
Owen, at first, was NOT a fan.  He had his head buried in me until he heard daddy talking about the sharks to Addyson then he decided he wanted to take a peak and got into pointing them out.  What I don't have a picture of is what happens at the very end of the ride.  After you leave the tunnel and come around the corner and fake Jaws jumps out of the water and lunges at the train.  I jumped because I wasn't expecting it so you can imagine what Owen did.  He did NOT want to ride that train again.  I did convince him to ride it with me later with the promise that I would cover his eyes at the end.
After the train ride the kids headed hand in hand to the Ferris Wheel.  The cousins are such good friends!!!  We love to watch them interact!  Every time we get together it is like not a single day has passed since our last visit.
Wow, look at all those big buildings!!!  We are going up as high as they are for a top view of downtown Houston!!!
 There is the Austin family!!!
And our last stop before Uncle Chris had to head home was the carousel.  I think we rode this 4 times in a row (which was possible thanks to our armbands)!  Owen had been begging to ride this since we first got there so he was excited he was finally getting his chance.  The kids had a fun time picking out their animal to ride!
 Addyson had so much fun riding the crocodile!!!
 Of course daddy would pick the smallest animal to ride!!!  Silly guy!
The Austin Brewsters had to leave but we ended up staying for 3 more hours.  We rode some more rides and then Owen said he was getting hungry, I couldn't blame him, it was almost 6pm... where had the time gone????  Since we were there we went ahead and ate at the restaurant and it was really good.  We requested a seat right next to the aquarium and had so much fun eating while we watched the fish swim around.  It did seem a bit weird to be eating shrimp while watching fish swim but I guess it was better than eating fish while watching fish swim!!!

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Ha ha! I had to show Dave that picture of Brad! Looks like your trip has been a lot of fun!!