Saturday, March 26, 2011


The kids are a little obsessed with cats right now especially Addyson!  They love cats so much I'm seriously considering surprising them with one on Christmas morning.  I figure we'll be settled in our new home and in the new routine with three kids that I'll be able to handle the addition of a cat.  I can see the looks on their faces already!!! : )  Brad isn't on board yet but I have 9 months to work on him!!!  So where is this obsession coming from all of a sudden?
It might have a little something to do with the four cats Grandma and Grandpa have at their house!!!  And Addyson is as "helpful" with all of them (well three of them, they have a super shy one we only saw for a split second the whole time we were there) as she is with the dogs.
By helpful I mean in their face with food and toys all the time, trying to pick up when she can, trying to "love" them as often as she can, and always asking about them; their whereabouts and what they are doing.  As soon as we pull into the driveway she starts saying "eow" as in "meow" which is what she calls cats and has send about a million times in the few days we've been here!  She's a bit obsessed!!!
Thankfully the "eows" are very friendly, like to play, are loving, and are VERY tolerant of the kids!  Even when the kids take over their toys like their tunnel.  Look at Toby in the background trying to figure out what is going on.

And when I say the cats are loving I mean it.  Manny (named by Owen from Handy Manny) is a snuggle bug and Addyson ate it up!!!  She is always trying to love on the dogs and they want nothing to do with her.  Here, Manny snuggled right up beside her and she would actually lay still for more than a minute!!!
We've had a lot of fun with the cats and I'm ready to get one BUT how do we make sure we get a cat that is a loving and as tolerant as there cats are????  I'm so afraid we'll end up with a hisser and scratcher, which these cats never did.  I want to adopt a cat from the shelter but I want some sort of guarantee that it will be the perfect cat!  Any tips???
Manny is an Abyssinian, growing up we had an Abyssinian named Miranda and this kitty reminds me a lot of her.  He plays fetch like she did and he LOVES to ride on your shoulders like she did.  You ahve to be careful though because sometimes he'll jump up without warning!!!  He scared Brad a couple of times!!! : )  Hopefully he didn't scare Brad out of ever getting a "eow"!!! : )  Stay Tuned!

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