Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fishing at the Beach

Finally we are taking this poor boy fishing!!!!  He could barely contain himself with all of his excitement!!!  The kids were completely underfoot as Dad and Grandpa got the fishing poles ready, it was really cute to watch.  Owen has a big boy rod complete with a real hook and live worms.  Addyson has a cute toddler pole complete with a fake fish tied on the end!!!  She was completely happy with that!
 Look how excited he is!!!  The picture is a bit blurry because he wouldn't stand still.  He was jumping around and super excited!!!  All ready to go fishing!
Owen, Dad, and Grandpa walked ahead, Addyson and I couldn't keep up, they had a kick in their step.  Guess that's what I need to do to start motivating them, dangle a fishing pole or worm in front of their face!! : )  They got to a spot in the pier and cast out right away!
Addyson tried her hardest to keep up.  Her little legs just aren't long enough.  Plus she would stop to see if I was behind her.  I was slowing her down a bit because I would stop to take pictures!!!  That is MY fun out of the adventure!! : )  I'm always writing my next blog post in my head and always trying to capture that perfect (to me) shot!!!
Like this one!  Tackle box, Check.  Worms, Check.  All ready to go fishing!!!
Addyson got right into it.  Someone always had to stick close because we were so afraid the pole would go overboard!!!  She would hold it so far over, I guess to get closer to the water, and she would reel at the same time and I knew it was just a matter of time before the combo of it all meant we would loose her pole and we were too far away from shore to walk out to get it.  (look at that baby belly on me already!  I'll be 14 weeks in 2 days)
When I would hold the rod she would pull away which made it worse so I tried to give her a bit of space.  She wanted to do it all by herself!!!  I think next time I'll tie a little string around her pole (that is so tiny she won't notice it) so I can hang on to that and not worry.
Fishing with Grandpa.  This picture cracks me up because Grandpa really looks into it, like he is trying to hook a big one and the kicker is... there is NO hook at the end of her rod since there is a fake fish tied to it.  So, really, no concentration is needed to hook a fish with Addyson's pole, you already have a pretty blue fish on the end.  That didn't stop Grandpa and Addyson from having fun trying to catch a big one! : )
Group shot.  Again Grandpa is dangling that pole really trying to lure a big one!!  Good thing is, we are all having fun!! It was a beautiful day, great weather, sun was shining, and perfect company.  So far, it has been a great first day of family vacation (the prior adventures were vacation for the kids and I but Brad was technically working).

I love the look on her face.  Always being a monkey if there is a bar of some sort to hang on to!  Owen isn't letting that distract him from his fishing!  So serious!
Well we didn't catch anything, turns out fish in the Gulf don't bite with worms we need shrimp.  Owen was really bummed and I don't think he was going to leave until he got to touch a fish.  Luckily there was another guy fishing the pier and he had told Brad that about 10 minutes earlier he had caught a fish and kept it.  Me, being the "I'll ask anyone for a favor" type of person, told Brad to ask the guy if Owen could see his fish.  Brad, being the "I don't ask anyone for anything" type of person, said he wasn't going to inconvenience the guy.  Well after a minute or so of Owen crying because we didn't catch a fish, Brad asked the guy if we could see his fish!  The guy was super nice and told Brad it was no problem and to take it out of the bag so Owen could hold it.  The fish started squirming so Owen didn't want to hold it, thank goodness (imagine if that fish would have gotten away!!!).  So touching it was good enough and we were on our way with 2 happy kids and 3 content adults!!  Perfect morning!
But don't think for one minute that that was enough fishing for Owen!!!  He woke up from nap asking to go and luckily there are a couple of little ponds by Grandma and Grandpa's house!  Addyson was still napping so Brad took Owen out for a bit of guy time!  They didn't catch a fish but Owen snagged a turtle which made it's way safely off the hook before it reached shore.  What an adventure.  Now I think Owen can go to bed a happy boy and have great dreams about fishing!

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