Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Headed to Mississippi

Our time in Houston has come to an end.  It has been really fun and upbeat with a lot of cool experiences but living in a hotel and eating continental breakfast every morning is starting to wear on all of us.  This morning we had one more swim in the pool and then we loaded up and headed to Mississippi to visit Grandpa Ken and Grandma Robin!!!  We are excited to see them and spend time on the beach!!!
Look how she naps in the car.  I love how she kicks her foot up and relaxes!!!
Then she wakes up full of energy and now way to expend it besides being silly in the car.  She actually asked me to take her picture while she ate her foot.  Silly girl!!!!
After a 6.5 hour drive, 8 hours of total travel time, we were ready to be there and get out of the car!!!  I'm glad we'll be here several days before we put the kids in the car and make a 10 hour drive home!!!  They need plenty of time to burn off energy and forget this 6.5 hour trip so they won't be mad at us for sticking them in their car seats for so long!!!  Here's to a fun time with Grandpa Ken and Grandma Robin!!!

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