Monday, March 21, 2011

Hermann Park

Holly and I met at Hermann Park today to let the kids play.  It is a great park area right next to the zoo.  Of course, the kids saw all the signs for the zoo and got really excited that we were going there but luckily I was able to distract them enough that they didn't mind that the zoo wasn't our actual stop.
I had some leftover bread in my bag so the kids fed the birds and ducks while we waited for Holly and the kids to show up.  There is a HUGE lake with a fountain surrounded by trees with picnic benches all along.  It was beautiful.  I know to pack a lunch next time we go!
There is a train you can ride for $3 and it takes you around the whole park and you can get off about halfway around and there is a HUGE playground with 3 different levels of playscapes for all ages!  There is even a splash pad!
We spent most of our time at the baby one that was perfect for Addyson and Simon and the big kids had so much fun playing pretend!!!  Here they are ordering food for everyone!!!  Time to eat!! : )
Lucy got on the teeter totter and Addyson knew where she had to sit.  I don't think she's ever done this before but I guess she has.  She knew exactly what to do!!!!
Again, it was another beautiful day in Houston and a perfect afternoon with our cousins!!!  Days like this make me excited about the thought of moving to Houston.  It is HOT days in July and August that I'm dreading and we tend to forget about.  At least I know if we move that there will be lots of fun stuff to do with the kids!!!

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