Friday, March 25, 2011

Jourdan River Steamer

Yes, this restaurant is SO good it gets a post all of its own!!!  Just how good is it?  This face should say it all....
When Addyson say the size of the plates they were bringing out and the size of the king crab legs that Grandma got, she couldn't believe her eyes!!!!
Owen was hoping to eat crawfish tonight, like every other night this week, but when he say the red shrimp and crab legs he was a happy guy...
and so was every other person at the table!!!!
I taught Owen how you can pull the tendon in the crab claw and make it pinch.  A fun way to get your sister's nose!!! : )
Why is this place SO good?  It is the freshest, yummiest seafood I have every had.  Most dishes come steamed (hence the name) and served with the best melted butter I have ever had! 
Ken and Robin know it is our favorite place, we got hooked on their charbroiled oysters the first time we went there, so when they suggested that we go there for dinner tonight we were really excited!  If you are ever in the Long Beach/Gulfport area you HAVE got to look this place up!!!
I can already taste our next trip there!!! : )

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