Friday, March 18, 2011

Kid's Shopping Spree

Since it is Spring Break we are splurging a bit!!!  We have been scanning our favorite deal websites like,,, and to make our splurges a bit more affordable and it has worked!!!  Brad's big surprise for the kids was he got them each a mini shopping spree at Froggie's 5 & 10 which he found on livingsocial.  He found out the Froggie's was a hot toy store in Dallas and there was a deal for half off a $30 shopping trip so he got each of the kids one.  Aren't they lucky?!?! : )
They walked in the store and were overwhelmed.... so were we!!!  There was SO much to look at and play with and they toys were at all levels!!!!
What I thought was super sweet was the first thing Owen picked up was a baby bottle and immediately turned to Addyson and asked her if she wanted that.  I thought it was so sweet that he was thinking of her during his shopping trip!
There were two rooms FULL of toys, books, and clothes.  They had everything from outside toys, to bath toys, educational ones, silly ones, gag ones.... you name it they had it!!!  After much debate the kids settled on their treasures.
Addyson got a baby diaper bag full of stuff; phone, bottle, diaper cream, wipes, and cloth diapers.  She carried it around the minute she saw it and she also pushed around a stroller with a sweet baby doll in it.  I was able to convince her to leave the stroller and baby behind since she had several at home.  She left a very happy girl!
Owen left with a "handful"!!!  He got a shart, knight with his horse, and a egg that hatches a sea turtle!  He also left a very happy kid!!!!  It was SO fun to watch them shop and pick out things and finally settle on their treasures.  What a great start to Spring Break.  Now we are off to MY surprise for them!!!

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