Saturday, March 26, 2011

Last Supper in Mississippi

So what did we do with ALL that speckled trout we caught this morning????  Brad fried it up!!!  Yummy!!!  Brad and Ken took the kids to the store while Robin and I relaxed (and played words with friends).  They picked up fish batter, corn (Addyson's request), mac and cheese (my request), and crawfish (Owen's request).

 Then came home and made a HUGE mess in the kitchen.
The final result was a supper so yummy everyone cleared their plates!!!  The fresh fish was absolutely amazing!
And the crawfish were a hit as well!!!  It was a great last supper of some Gulf favorites before we hit the road tomorrow!
With full bellies we knew we needed to go get out for a bit and enjoy one last trip to the beach.  It was super windy but that didn't slow us down.  We know how you have to kick the soccer ball against the wind and then run back up the beach to start over!!!  Tonight was nice because Grandma and Grandpa got to go with us!
Throwing sand in the Gulf one last time!
One more trip getting as sandy as possible!!!
So sandy that I talked Grandpa into carrying him to the car after I washed him off.  Two sandy,wet, sun kissed kids equals a great beach vacation!!!

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