Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Mama Sing"

When I weaned Addyson I had to come up with a new bedtime routine that would be calming and engaging and distract her from wanting to nurse.  We would get her baby (or bear), a cup of water, and a book and we would sit in the rocking chair.  I would rock to her, read her story, talk about our day, and then walk over and turn off the light.  We would then sit back in the chair and rock as we said our prayer and I would sing 3 songs.  For consistency I kept singing the same three songs so she would know what to expect.  For no real reason, I didn't think it out I just started singing, I sang my favorite songs from St. Thomas; Sanctuary, Give Me Jesus, and You Are The Way.  I noticed she started singing the last song with me as I sang it this past week (it is the easiest song) and I was shocked that she knew the words.  These little ones are sponges that soak up everything when you don't even realize it!

This week, since we started a new night time routine that included Owen and getting them to both sleep in the same bed,  I haven't sang to her.  Tonight, as I was telling them good night and giving them kisses she looked at me and said, "Mama sing".  It melted my heart.  I started singing and she sang with me on every song.  I guess she has really missed my terrible beautiful to her singing!  I'm glad she has enjoyed it as much as I have and it helped make the transition to being a big girl an easy one!!!

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