Friday, March 18, 2011

Medieval Times

My surprise for the kids was dinner at Medieval Times!!!  We found tickets for buy one get one free so I was super excited!!  I love to go to shows especially, dinner shows!!!  Brad wasn't a huge fan when I met him, his family rarely did those sorts of things, but I've converted him over the years.  I grew up going to Branson and going to shows so I love them!!!!  I was hoping the kids would be as excited about this part of our adventure as I was!  They both love horses but I wasn't sure how they would handle the "knight" part of everything.
The tickets say we should get there an hour before the show starts and now I know why..... they filter you through gift shops and tempt you with lots of stuff to buy...... and we gave in. : )  Owen wanted a sword right away and Addyson wanted nothing.  She was a bit overwhelmed by it all and only wanted to be held tightly.  For that reason, I'm glad we got there early.  It gave her time to warm up to everything.  Owen saw the flags and wanted one of those too so we went back to buy that and this time Addyson decided she wanted this light up wand thing.  I was glad she was warming up to everything!
Owen didn't want to wear a crown at first because knights don't wear crowns and he was a knight with his sword!  We told him he had to wear a crown so everyone knew who he was cheering for and so he quickly put it on!  Addyson had to "tricked" into wearing it and once she figured out it was on her head she wanted to take it off.... but at least I got a picture!!! : )
Showing off his goods!!!
Enjoying her spinning wand!
Say "Cheese"!!!
We get to eat soup without a spoon!  How fun!!!  And I must say this tomato bisque was super yummy!!!!
She thought it was pretty cool to be drinking her soup through a straw!!!
Isn't this fun?!?! : )
The kids enjoyed most half of the show.  Well actually Addyson enjoyed most of it.  She didn't like when the crowed cheered really loud, she would sit down and cling to me but that was the only thing that bothered her.  Owen didn't like it when it was dark and he didn't know what to expect.  When the lights went down his arms went up so he could cover up part of his face and peak through.
But when the lights were up and the horses were running and it looked like fun both kids were really into it!!!  They loved looking for the white horses!
See, this was the happy face I wanted to see!!!
Eating meat off a bone.... YUM!!!!  Right up Owen's alley!!!
Here are the knights and their squires coming in to get ready for the games.  This was a huge chunk of time with the lights on and fun cheering and I was so thankful for that!!!
The kids were really into it!!  Addyson stood on her chair or on my lap most of the time!!  She cheered and was really into it.  Owen likes to stand when we go to things like the movies or this sort of show.  When the lights went out he sat on daddy's lap and asked  to go back to the hotel.  Poor guy.  It was a bit distressing but we tried to put his mind at ease and remind him that this was all pretend and for fun and just when he couldn't take another second the lights would come on or horses would come out dancing and put him little mind at ease.
All in all it was a really fun experience and we had a lot of fun cheering for our yellow knight.  Unfortunately the yellow knight wasn't the overall winner but he won a lot of the games and put on a good dual!!!  I just hope Owen doesn't have nightmares about knights fighting tonight!

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