Monday, March 14, 2011

Meeting Michelle

 This morning I attended a Fayetteville MOPS (moms of preschoolers) meeting with my friend Catherine.  We are not members but we heard they were having Michelle Duggar as their speaker and they had opened up their meeting to (female) members of the public, all you had to do was reserve a seat!!!
Catherine got there before me and saved us a front row seat!  I was so excited!  Turns out the seat Catherine sat in was also a lucky seat that won her a door prize, a signed copy of their book "The Duggars: 20 and Counting!" which she let me borrow over Spring Break!!!
 After the weekend I just had it was a nice change of pace.  You and I might not fully agree with the decisions Michelle and her husband have mad but, I feel she has her heart  in the right place and has a love for her family and God that is comforting to see.  She shared with us some of the things that have worked for her over the years and gave us some handouts of her favorites to take home and try with our family if we decided to do that.
 After the talk I went up to ask her about having lots of young ones, for me 3 that are 4 and under, and how to keep your calm especially during the "crazy" hours like bed time.  That is one of my weakest moments but at time when I want to be calm so bedtime can be peaceful.  It is such a struggle to do it by myself and that is my biggest anxiety about having three... how do I get everyone to bed at the same time without tears?!?!  She offered words of congratulations and encouragement.  One thing she said that I took away was to whisper when you are frustrated instead of yelling, the kids listen more.  I'm going to try that!
It was a pleasure to meet her and listen to her talk and it was a nice break from my reality!!!

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