Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nighttime Transition

Addyson is getting to the point where she is ready to sleep in a big girl bed.  We transferred Owen to a bed, mattress on the floor, at 18 months and Addyson is almost 2 so I know it is time.  I'm ready to transition her but not really sure how to do it.  I'm not convinced she'll stay in her room like Owen did and I'm not really sure what "bed" to put her in.  We co-slept with our kids when they were babies and I heard that a good transition was sibling co-sleeping so that idea has been tossing around in my mind.  One HUGE perk for me would be when I have nighttime duty all by myself.  I can do a one stop kind of deal and have everyone in bed and snuggled at the same time and no one has to wait.

So I've been tossing ideas around in my head waiting for the perfect time.  Is there every really a perfect time for anything????  Not sure but, I was waiting for that.  I wanted a break from school in case we had long nights ahead AND I wanted to make sure Brad was home for tag team effort.  Spring Break would have been perfect but we have spent that on the road.  Then I started to think that if we moved, which is now official, that might be the best time to transition her, start fresh!
BUT, in the meantime this big girl is ready for a BIG bed!  I've tried a couple of times at home to have Addyson sleep with Owen but he calls to us and says "put her in her bed" or "I don't want her in my bed!" so I gave up.  Since we are on the road I thought I'd give it a shot to see how it would go.  The first night, not good.  Addyson quickly put her head on the pillow and covered up and was ready!!!  We read stories and she was SO happy.  Brad an I left and  Owen cried and said we should put her in her crib and I wasn't armed with any other argument so I put her in her crib, much to her dismay, so Owen would stop crying and everyone would go to sleep.  The next night I was prepared thanks to a conversation with Holly.  I told Owen that this BIG bed was for BOTH of them, Addyson was a big girl and wanted to sleep in the big bed too.  He didn't like that so I told him he could sleep on the floor if he didn't want to sleep in bed with her, I thought this would deter him BUT he opted to sleep on the floor.  Oh no, my plan back fired!!!  Then he asked for blankets so I told him there was only one and that blanket had to stay on the bed.  Did that bother him?  No!  He sleeps with a toy every night and I told him his precious new knight was cold and wanted to sleep in bed.  Did that phase him?  No!  He let me put the knight in bed as he laid on the hard floor with no blanket.  Silly guy!!!
So how have we been successful at getting the kids to sleep in the same bed for several nights in a row?  That first night, after Owen had been laying on the cold floor for a couple of minutes, I scooped him up in my arms and told him he was really silly, kissed him on his forehead, laid him in bed, covered him up, told them both good night and left.  That is what I have done every other night and thankfully without the laying on the floor part.  As the door shuts we heard the kids talk a little bit, nothing to wild, and read a story or two and then they fall peacefully asleep!  When they wake up, we hear little voices excitedly talking about our upcoming day!  It is really sweet!!!  I wonder how this co-sleeping transition will play out when we get home!

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