Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nutty Bar

We enjoyed our time in Dallas and now we are on the road again!!!  This time we are headed to Houston!  We had planned to spend the weekend in Dallas but we heard that Holly was throwing a baby shower for her sister Lisa in Houston Saturday afternoon and since we were going to be so close we knew we had to make every effort to get to the shower!
During road trips, we like to have a decent break in between car rides to give the kids enough time to recover/forget the last long haul.  Since it has only been about a day and a half since we were last in the car they weren't huge fans this trip.  I was hoping they would nap most of the time but, that ended up not being the case... I think Addyson feel asleep the last 45 minutes but Owen never went to sleep.  They were getting a bit antsy so we stopped at a gas station and let them each pick out a treat.
They both picked Nutty Bars.  Yum!!!  That helps pass the time!!!  I'm so glad I thought ahead and put an old shirt on Addyson instead of her cute dress for the shower!  It would have been covered in chocolate by the time we got there!! : )

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