Sunday, March 13, 2011

One Month

I thought I would be excited to write a post about this but the reality is, I'm a bit sad.  Actually, I was really excited at the thought of weaning Addyson, being pregnant I was getting a bit frustrated during nursing time and I wanted no part of it and being touched so I was SO ready to wean our little girl.  Now that is has been a month since she has last nursed, I'm really sad.  I miss our snuggle time.  Our little active princess isn't much of a snuggler but I could always count on nursing to get her in my lap for a period of time and we would "cuddle" up.  Now, I have to wait for her to be sick or really tired to get a chance to snuggle with her. : (
 In October we went to Las Vegas for 4 days, Addyson was 18 months and that was the same age that Owen self weaned.  I thought we would come home and she would be weaned.  Not the case!  Addyson really loves nursing and wasn't ready to give it up!!!  As soon as I walked in the door she started singing to nurse and I didn't mind one bit!!!  Fast forward a couple of months and I became pregnant in January, this means I am pregnant and nursing for the second time in two years!  It wasn't a big deal in the beginning but after a couple of weeks I knew, for me, it was time but, I wasn't sure where to start.  Owen self weaned so I didn't know how to wean a child especially not a stubborn one!  It also makes it hard that I am home alone half the week and have to put her to bed by myself, meaning the "goods" she wants is right in front of her but she can't have them. : (  Brad was home for a stretch of 4 days so we gave it a shot, he put her down for nap and bed and during the day, when she was sad and wanting to nurse, I'd offer her milk or some other goodie.  When Brad left I had my mom come over and put her to bed and that put us at 5 days of no nursing.  The next night I tried myself without much luck.  I let her do a quick nurse on both sides and reminded myself that weaning was exactly that, the gradual withdrawal of something not quitting cold turkey!
The last time we had a nursing bout was before Brad and I left for our marriage retreat, I nursed her that Friday before nap (February 11th) and when I came home I didn't nurse her again.  She hasn't really asked unless she is really tired or thirsty and if I offer her a drink she is happy with that trade.  After she came home from the ER (Feb. 26th) she wanted to nurse and I couldn't say "no" to that so I let her nurse and surprisingly she nursed for about a minute, told me she was "done", and that was that.  She hasn't nursed since then. : (  My baby girl is all grown up!  This means she was almost 22 months old when she weaned and I'm super proud that I am able to nurse my babies that long!  Makes me really sad to think she will never nurse again.  I know we have another baby on the way and I'll get the chance to nurse again but it isn't the same.  My kids are growing up before me eyes  and while I'm loving the stages we are at now, it is a bit sad to think that their baby stages are gone.  Glad I'm soaking up every single second I can!!!

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