Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I LOVE Cirque du Soleil shows and would love to see every one if I could!!!  I told Brad to see if any of the casinos in Mississippi were featuring a show the week of Spring Break but it turned out there were not any.  However, we ended up being able to see a Cirque show after all!!!!
Brad's work at 4 tickets to OVO for tonight at 8 and they gave the tickets to us!!!  I didn't know what the show was about but I was SUPER excited when I found out yesterday that we got the tickets!!!  I quickly googled it and found out it was about insects and the characters looked fun and something I thought the kids would enjoy.  The only down side was that the show stated at 8... Addyson is usually in bed at 7:30 so this is why I really wanted the kids to take a late nap today!!!  After the kids work up at 4:45 we went to OVO's website and watched the trailer 5 times in a row.  I talked to them about how it would be a fun show about bugs and how there would be people dressed up like bugs and it would be really fun (NOT scary)!!!  They seemed just as excited as I was!!!
The show was in a big tent and it looked really fun.... until we went inside where it was dark and
there were people walking around in bug catcher suits carrying nets with bugs in them.  The kids held on tight to daddy!!!  The opening of the show was a bit scary with the music and it was completely dark but once there was a bit of light, the music was upbeat and fun, and the bugs came out doing neat tricks all was well!!!  The kids LOVED it!! Addyson would squeal with delight and people around us would chuckle.  Owen liked to point out when the bugs flipped like "the Razorback girls" (gymnasts) and he had fun finding the grasshoppers.  Both kids stayed awake the whole show (until 10:30) and enjoyed the whole thing!!!  I'm so glad!!!  It was an awesome show and experience and I'm so glad we got to go and take the kids with us!!!

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