Sunday, March 6, 2011


My kids rarely took a paci as a baby.  I think they each took one the first month or so and that was it.  I never had to figure out how to "wean" them off of a paci or come up with a paci fairy to send their precious suck toy to.  But now, now that Addyson is almost 23 months and Owen 3.5 years, now I might have to come up with a paci fairy.
Where has this silly thing come from all of a sudden???  I know it started with a baby paci Addyson had and would put it in her mouth.  It was plastic and didn't really have an end on it so I didn't worry too much.  Then Owen found a couple of pacis I had gotten for Addyson when she was little to see if she'd like them.  They must have been in the playroom and were used as toys.  Now, my two kids are incorporating them in their play. 
They packed their bags and were heading out on an "outing" with their pacis.  Great!
And since Addyson's trip to the ER she has been wanting to sleep with her paci.  I hope this is a quick phase and will pass without any big deal being made.  It should really bother me but when she wants to take it out in public I feel like I have to explain to people that this is just a silly phase and we don't normally let our almost 2 year old walk around with a paci in her mouth.  But really, in the grand scheme of things, I probably shouldn't worry what others think and I shouldn't give to much thought to the use of a paci.  If this is our only "problem" right now we are pretty blessed!!

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Clay and Amanda said...

Thats so funny because my daughter did the same thing! Never took a paci and found an old paci (but new!) in her toy box when she was 2 and started playing with it everyday. One day she sneaked it to church and walked around with it! We got lots of comments haha!